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Lightning Gem & Normal 3 Spirit Costs
Lv. 1 Stats (Min-Max) Blast Pattern

HealthHealth : 5-6
AttackAttack: 4-5
DefenseDefense: 1-2
MovementsMovement: 5

Volvolt Blast Pattern
Evolve from Evolve to
N/A Voltrick
Materials required for next Evolution
G.Sparksoul x1

Volvolt is a Gemling with Lightning & Normal type.


Volvolt is a yellow fox-like Gemling with static fur. All of it is yellow except around its nose and paws. Its tail appears to stick up like a lightning bolt.


Volvolt's Egg was located in 1-7 Walled In, and 1-8 Castle Vault levels.

After unspecified version, its Egg can be found through the zone Red Hot Mountain in Volcano since the version 2.8.5.


"As it runs, it collects static charge in its fur."

Gemling Dex description


  • It has the same Blast Pattern with G.Volvolt.

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