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    It's been announced to the game be released for Android first.
    15:13, October 10, 2017
    Important Notice:
    The closed beta available for Android device is not a live version and may differ with the future finalized version that's ready to be released publicly, along with the update for iOS version. Due to this, any pages shouldn't have any information come from closed beta version except having a discussion in Special:Forum!
    + The launch date will be July 7th 2017, given this post!

    sketchi wrote:

    Android beta test

    please send an email to with the subject "Android 1.0 testing", and we'll add you to the closed beta! currently it's Android only, but soon we'll open up testing for iOS devices as well. you'll get a bunch of gems to play with, but your progress will NOT be saved and only the first 30 levels are working at the moment.

    once you get it, PLEASE take screenshots and give us your phone model, it would help immensely in testing different phone resolutions! we look forward to your feedback, and thanks for all the patience.

    this year, Rainbowtail has won two international and regional awards for best game, which we're pretty proud of. ^__^ it's all thanks to everyone's feedback and support!

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    • What's new in this version:

      • Herbling, Rockling, Dewling, unknown fish-like Gemling, and unknown mushroom-like Gemling (probably plus last 3 Gemlings excluding Quiroro) are introduced as evolution material. The first three can be found in the Material Quest that only drops one of each, located in certain zones (Mellow Meadow, Driggle's Cave and Pondside for each).
      • New objects, enemies introduced.
      • New portraits for some NPC has introduced.
      • Most Gemlings available in this beta version now gains their own animated sprite.

      What's changed in this version:

      • Some Gemlings has different blast radius and mainly the stats. We'll take out once it's done.
      • Along with above material Gemlings has introduced, the evolution recipe no longer same with the current version in iOS. However, the 1st stage Champion Gemlings or 2nd stage Very Rare Gemlings still require the 1st stage of Soul Gemling along with some of said evolution materials.
      • Tutorials and story scripts in some levels has changed.
      • The Spirit Costs no longer be fixed for a whole stage and instead, now gains 1-2 additional costs per evolution, started from 1.
      • The player can restore the Rainbow gradually upon clearing the zones, without any known event scripts and effect.

      Evo material list:

      Gemling Evolution recipe
      Stage 1 Common 1 Herbling
      Stage 2 Common 1 Herbling, 1 Dewling
      Stage 1 Rare 1 Herbling, 1 Dewling
      Stage 2 Rare 1 Herbling, 1 Rockling, 1 Dewling
      Stage 1 Very Rare 1 Herbling, 1 Rockling, 1 Dewling
      Stage 2 Very Rare 1 Herbling, 1 Rockling, 1 unknown mushroom Gemling, 1 Soul Gemling(stage1)
      Stage 1 Champion 1 Herbling, 1 Rockling, 1 Dewling, 1 unknown fish Gemling, 1 Soul Gemling(stage1)
      Stage 2 Champion ???
      Stage 1 Legendary ???
      Stage 2 Legendary ???
      Notable change of some glossary words
      • Double blast power → Double Blast
      • Spirit walk power → Chain Blast
      • Friend's Gemling → Friend Leader


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    • New Gemlings information:
      "Herblings can be found in packs, and are used in a variety of medicine. When given to certain Gemlings, may cause a permanent increase in strength!"

      — Herbling, in Gemling Dex entry

      "Hides in crevices, but easily given away due to their tendency to jitter around. When given to certain Gemlings, may cause a permanent increase in strength!"

      — Rockling, in Gemling Dex entry

      "Presence of these Gemlings indicate good water quality. Great for calming fevers. When given to certain Gemlings, may cause a permanent increase in strength!"

      — Dewling, in Gemling Dex entry

      • Note that three above Gemlings are Rares.
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