📘 The information in this page is about legacy version. Please note that this is not the information that applied to the live version.

Water Gem & Normal 3 Spirit Costs
Lv. 1 Stats (Min-Max) Blast Pattern

HealthHealth : 5-6
AttackAttack: 6-7
DefenseDefense: 2-3
MovementsMovement: 2

Tadwog Blast Pattern
Evolve from Evolve to
N/A Woggle
Materials required for next Evolution
G.Watersoul x1

Tadwog is a Gemling with Water & Normal type.


Tadwog is a tadpole-like Gemling in a water droplet. It has yellow eyes and a blue body.


Tadwog's Egg previously was found in the level 4-2 Fall.

Currently, it is obtained through the zone Pondside.


"It does not need to eat, absorbing nutrients from the bubble around it."

Gemling Dex description

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