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Rainbowtail Alt Title

Rainbowtail is the name of a game created by Minidragon Ltd. This game was available for iOS which no longer available to download since the late June 2017, regarding it the legacy version.[1] The Android version is on Early Access and was announced to be launched at July 7th 2017.[1]

The Chinese version of the game is released at July 21th 2017, which is available only for Hong Kong and Macau (and China, for iOS).[2]

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In DevelopmentEdit

Rainbowtail the app game was developed to have a new Match-3 game that infused with pets.[3]


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In Rainbowtail, you get 6 Bean Gemlings to start off with, and then King Bean gives you another which must be one of the starters: Frooma, Groma and Durgo. The first one from King Bean is free, although if you want another it costs 5 Rainbow Gems, and you can get them by defeating bosses, or paying real money for them.

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