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Grass Gem & Normal ?? Spirit Costs
Lv. 1 Stats (Min-Max) Blast Pattern

HealthHealth : 5-6
AttackAttack: 7-8
DefenseDefense: 2-3
MovementsMovement: 2-3

Pongo Blast Pattern
Evolve from Evolve to
N/A Pongord
Materials required for next Evolution

Pongo is a Gemling with Grass & Normal type.

Its special types are Rush Pongo and Snow Pongo.


A greeny almond-colored simian Gemling with green stripes around its body and leaves are placed on its neck as the mane. It has a tan-colored nose, pointy round ears and upright green hair on its head. Its a bit disheveled tail brush is colored as green.


Needs information


"It has a light but fast punch."

Gemling Dex description


  • Its sprite has been flipped after V.1.1.2, the given reason is to better fit its blast pattern.

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