📘 This page is about the Gemling lists in wiki. You were looking for Gemling Dex itself in game, See Gemling Dex (Game).

The records of legacy version found here.
Gemling Name Type Rarity Description Location
Frooma Frooma
Frooma Blast Pattern
Fire Gem
★★★★☆ It loves to eat spicy plants, which helps them brew fire in their stomach. Starter
Froomin Froomin
Froomin Blast Pattern
Fire Gem
★★★★☆ Its skin is thick enough to withstand the heat inside a volcano. Evolve Frooma
Frommoth Frommoth
Frommoth Blast Pattern
Fire Gem
★★★★☆ Its presence is so hot that most creatures avoid being next to one. Evolve Froomin

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