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Fire Gem & Bug ?? Spirit Costs
Lv. 1 Stats (Min-Max) Blast Pattern

HealthHealth : ?-?
AttackAttack: ?-?
DefenseDefense: ?-?
MovementsMovement: ?

Fireslug Blast Pattern
Evolve from Evolve to
N/A Firepillar
Materials required for next Evolution

Fireslug is a Gemling with Fire & Bug type.


Like all slug family, it's a small red serpentine Gemling with flame-like fur and has light cheeks on its head. Its body color is gradated from red head to yellow tail.


Fireslug's Egg can be obtained through the levels 1-9 Diamond, 1-10 Guardian of the Castle, 2-5 Arrow, 2-6 Buried Treasure, 4-2 Fall, and 4-3 Golden Coins.


"Its fur is very soft, if you can handle the heat."

Gemling Dex description

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