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Dark Sludge

Dark Sludge is the obstacle appears in Rainbowtail (Game). It's what is used to invade the castle and the Rainbow. It is used by Darktail and in the gameplay some levels require matching gems or Gemling blast and cleaning up the sludge.

You can cleanse away Dark Sludge by matching Gems on top, or by having a Gemling blast it.

Obstacles section in How to Play tab in official site

Dark Sludge+Edit

Dark Sludge+
"YUCK! What is this I'm eating?? Is this Dark Sludge+??? You there! You look like a formidable one! Can you please cleanse these out of my pond? Dark Sludge+ is much more resilient the regular Dark Sludge."

Bubrog after entering 4-1 Checkers the level

As the above quote said, Dark Sludge+ is upgraded version of the regular Dark Sludge. It requires matching gems or Gemling blast two times in order to clean it up.

Dark Sludge+ are a lot more resilient. You must match or blast twice before it is completely cleared.

Obstacles section in How to Play tab in official site

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