📘 The information in this page is about legacy version. Please note that this is not the information that applied to the live version.

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1-2 Gem Guards (Legacy)

Level 1-2

Gem Guards

Gems in this level

Fire GemEarth GemLightning Gem
Grass GemWater GemMagic Gem

Gemling Availability

The below are randomly listed in the drop info:
  • N/A

Gem Guards is the second level of Rainbowtail and the second level of the Rainbow Castle.

As being a tutorial level, this level provides no Eggs.


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  • It originally was named "Summoning Practice" and contained different scenario before the legacy version 2.1.
    • After the unspecified legacy version, the Level "Guardian of the Castle" had been renamed to "Gemlings".
      • After the 2.7.2 legacy version, the Level "Gemlings" has been renamed to "Gem Guards".